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The curved UHD range runs on 5.1 android plat-form, which lets the user dive into the world of engaging entertainment features. The range of android is filled with movies, music, videos and various social media applications that enable you to access content quickly and instinctively.

The 4K Premium UHD processor was developed in order to provide ultimate SMR (Smooth Motion Rate) experience. It is further defined as to use proprietary motion estimation (MEMC) algorithms called Ultra Smooth Motion, which helps create and insert frames into the picture that enables smoother transitions for the viewer. It incorporates fill array technology: blinking and scanning, which also contribute to smoother fast action images and videos up to 800HZ.


The Premium UHD range is powered with Harman- Kardan dbx sound, which immerses viewers completely into the sound field, putting them right in the middle of the action to deliver true cinematic sound experience. The sonic environment range automatically toggles and regulates to suit your listening conditions.

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It all started with my quest to upgrade from my decade old Sony Projection TV with a shiny new 4K TV. As you might be aware that the projection TV’s were the thing back in the days. Watching a movie on a Projection TV was nothing short of a cinema experience thanks to its huge screen size and cinematic sound experience. But with time, technology has evolved manifolds and even the best of Projection TV’s can’t match the HD broadcasting or Blu-Ray resolution.

When the Projection TV’s prevailed there was no such resolution available, hence they are not equipped to display it. Citing all these problems, my dad asked me to find a replacement for our living room Projection TV and I convinced him to go for a 4K tv instead of a Full HD LED TV.

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Vu Televisions has just rolled out two good arguments against why you’d want to buy an LG, Sony or Samsung UHD TV, in the form of 55-inch and 50-inch ultra offerings of its own. These 4K resolution Vu TVs are priced at Rs 89900 and Rs 119000, respectively..

The Samsung 48HU8500 48-inch 4K 3D LED Smart TV is priced at Rs 159900, while LG and Sony also have 49-inch 3840 x 2160p resolution models at Rs 164900 and Rs 174900, correspondingly. It’s an identical tale of a low price versus high price regarding the 55-inch Vu 40K160 and its market rivals in India.

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Mumbai-based businessman Bhagwati Podar was looking for a 40-inch LED display for his showroom within Rs. 30,000. But his offline research failed to turn up a desired price match. No stranger to online buying, Bhagwati turned to the Internet, where he not only found a 40-inch LED TV well within his budget but one with a 3-year warranty. In this video, he shares his buying experience and reviews the Vu 40-inch LED that he finally settled on.

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Vu Televisions, a California-based company, has launched its Vu 50K310 and Vu 55XT780 LED TVs with 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixel) resolution exclusively via Snapdeal, an e-commerce website. Notably, the Vu 50K310 (Seen Above) and the Vu 55XT780 (Seen Below) models feature 50-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, respectively. The Vu 50K310 is priced at Rs. 89,900, while the 55-inch Vu 55XT780 version comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,19,000. The firm claims that both the TVs are “nearly half the price of similar products from the competition.”

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Vu Televisions has launch its 50-inch and 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs exclusively on Snapdeal. The 50-inch TV costs Rs. 89,900 while the 55-inch version is priced at Rs. 1,19,000. Vu will also sell the newly launched TVs through their channel partners.

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NEW DELHI: Vu Televisions has launched two Ultra HD (4K) TV models – 50- and 55-inch at Rs 89,900 and Rs 1,19,000, respectively. The TVs will be exclusively available on online marketplace Snapdeal. Vu claims that its TVs feature the world’s first quad-core graphics engine that can upscale basic set-top box content to more detailed and sharper images. The TVs have a 120Hz panel refresh rate, 6ms response time, 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, 3D support, DLNA connectivity, and smart TV functionality. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

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Vu is proud to be the first and only company in the World to come up with a Designer TV, the Vu Tarun Tahiliani Couture TV. These limited edition television sets are designed with latticework in dull Swarovski elements making them subtle yet conventional.

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The Mercedes Benz Inspired Series on CNBC-TV18 takes a look at the lives of successful personalities of generation now. Read more

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Vu has launched 15 new smart TVs in India, which will be exclusively available via e-commerce website Flipkart. The range is priced between Rs.9,000 and Rs.9,00,000. All the products will be available from March 2015, in sync with the knockout stage of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, which is currently being played in Australia and New Zealand.

“Years ago, Vu entered the television market with a limited range of products available in stores. Today, Vu is launching vast range of television sizes and configurations to compete with the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG, and these new TVs are available to the public for purchase online,” said Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head Vu Technologies.

Vu’s range is quite broad. You can find smart TVs in a variety of sizes. The range covers sizes between 19-inches and 85-inches, covering almost all TV sizes. That being true, televisions up to 55-inches will be sold exclusively via Flipkart, however, larger panels will be sold directly through traditional retail outlets.

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