If you have just bought a brand-new HD TV and planning to call over a few friends to swank about your new purchase, we have bad news for you. There’s a new generation of TV that is already causing quite a stir in the market. It’s called 4K TV. This new generation has a lot more pixels (enough to fill 4 HD 1080p screens) than your HD TV. More pixels mean more detailed and sharper display on the screen. Now, isn’t this amazing?

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The question however is, should you care whether your TV is 4K or not? Will a 4K TV genuinely enhance your TV watching experience? Well, we at VU TV believe that in this technology driven world, staying behind is not an option. Here we will take a look at the world of possibilities that our 65 inch 4K TV has on offer.

Detail Oriented 4K Pictures

With almost four times the resolution of an HD TV, the TV watching experience is as real as it gets. Our 4K TVs come with Pixelight™ High Dynamic Range technology that augments the pictures and brightness range. Also, it advances the darkest and brightest parts of the picture, makes them clearer and provides the user with high-quality images. From every leaf of the tree to every hair on someone’s head, everything is brilliantly focused on enhancing the TV watching experience.

Finer Image Depth

The extra pixels in 4K televisions make pictures look deeper to the extent that some people label TV watching on our 4K TVs as glasses-free 3D experience. The display of our 4K treats the eyes with so much detail and nuance that the difference might leave you stunned. 4K is simply the biggest TV trend of the year. Adding extra layers of details to brightest whites and darkest blacks, the content viewed on the sets has an exceptional image depth.

dbx-tv™ Sound

Another outstanding feature of our UHD TVs is that they support dbx-tv tech that allows you and your family to enjoy high-quality audio effect. The better the sound quality, the more enhanced the TV watching experience will be. Also, the Total Surround™ technology will immerse all the members of the family in the sound field, putting them up-close and personal with the action going on the screen.

Ultra-Smooth Motion

All Vu 4K Premium LED TVs come with the Ultra Smooth Motion technology that seamlessly enables smoother transition for all the viewers. The branded MEMC algorithms called Ultra Smooth Motion™ insert and create frames into any picture to enable more seamless transitions. In addition, it also incorporates two backlight technologies called scanning and blinking that contribute effectively to smoother, even the fast action images.

Access to YouTube & Netflix

Last but not the least, all our 4K TVs come enabled with YouTube and Netflix to make binge watching even fun. All you would need to do is to press the button on the remote to turn the App on. Also, you can even push playback of videos from Netflix and YouTube from your tablet or smartphone to the TV and continue using your gadget for other uses. Yes, it’s that simple with our 4K TV. Do we need to state any more reasons to upgrade to a 4K TV?

To conclude we would like to say that investing in a 4K TV from VU will not only give you an enhanced cinematic and immersive experience but an upgraded 3D watching experience as well. So, now that we have unfolded all the fantastic aspects of the new-age 4K TVs wait no more to give your family an ultimate TV watching experience.

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Flipkart says Vu Technologies had grown 200% on its marketplace over the past 12 months

Flipkart’s partnership with Vu Technologies has assumed even greater significance after the marketplace lost its exclusive arrangement with consumer electronics brand BPL to arch-rival Amazon earlier this month.

Bengaluru: Vu Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which over the past 12-18 months has emerged as a premier television brand in Indian households primarily due to its partnership with online marketplace Flipkart, expects to nearly double sales by the end of March 2018, a top company executive said.

In an interview, Vu founder and CEO Devita Saraf said the company expects to generate sales of about Rs850-900 crore by March 2018, from current levels of around Rs500 crore. Flipkart, separately, said that Vu had grown 200% on its marketplace over the past 12 months.

“As Flipkart’s numbers have grown and as we become more ambitious with the Big 10 sale that they just had, the good part is that we work with them very closely on a regular basis and are able to really plan for what customers are looking for and are introducing new products,” said Saraf.

Flipkart said that Vu has been its biggest-selling TV brand during the first three days of its ongoing Big 10 sale event.

“The Big 10 sale has been good for us, but I think what’s interesting is that there is so much pent-up demand for the Vu TV on Flipkart that even on (the first day of the sale) from 12 midnight to 4am, we sold some 4,000 TVs within a few hours…It’s not just the 32 and 40-inch TVs that have been selling, but its also been the 4K model that has been bringing in amazing numbers for us,” said Saraf.

According to analysts tracking e-commerce, Vu’s growth as a major TV brand has been mainly due to its high-quality TV sets at affordable prices, even as it faces competition from larger multinational brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG.

“The biggest differentiator for us is the fact that we are an extremely customer-centric brand—the entire package offering that we give to customers is much better than our competitors, whether we’re talking about the quality of the product or the new features that we’ve added or the post-sales customer service or even the great offers that we do. We focus on quality, service and price—that’s our USP,” said Saraf.


For Flipkart, its exclusive partnership with Vu has been a key growth driver and has helped it increase its market share in large appliances. According to at least two Flipkart executives, who requested anonymity, Vu currently accounts for at least 10-15% of Flipkart’s overall television sales.

Flipkart’s partnership with Vu has assumed even greater significance after the marketplace lost its exclusive arrangement with consumer electronics brand BPL to arch-rival Amazon earlier this month.

Mint reported on 4 May that BPL had scrapped its three-year partnership with Flipkart and had instead forged a tie-up with Amazon India to sell large appliances such as televisions and fridges.

“We have offline stores where customers can come and experience the products. We are very happy with our relationship with Flipkart and the geographies that we are in. For instance, with this sale, we have expanded into markets such as Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kerala,” said Saraf.

The television category is a key battleground for Flipkart—it generates higher sales from the category than Amazon. Moreover, Flipkart enjoys some advantages over Amazon in the category due to two important moats that it has created—an independent supply chain network for the business and its ownership of Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd, which provides after-sales installation and other services. Flipkart acquired a majority stake in Jeeves for an undisclosed amount in late 2014.

Mint reported on 3 May that Flipkart expects sales of televisions, refrigerators and other large electrical appliances to more than double this year, driven primarily by exclusive products from brands such as Samsung and Vu and faster and more consistent product deliveries.

By 2018, TV sales in India are expected to touch $14.7 billion from $8.3 billion in 2014, according to a January report by India Brand Equity Foundation and TechSci Research, a market research firm.

Source : http://www.livemint.com/Technology/FI1XblFvp4cJOpUeYjx1CP/Vu-Technologies-expects-to-nearly-double-sales-to-Rs900-cror.html



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BENGALURU: The focus on large appliances by online marketplace Flipkart for its ongoing Big 10 Sale has benefitted television brand VU TV which sells exclusively on the online channel apart from few physical stores. The brand sold 30,000 units during the five day sale.

The brand is eyeing 200% year-on-year growth driven by the sale period and has clocked a business of Rs 80 crore on Flipkart over the last two months since the start of FY 2017-18.

Both Flipkart and Amazon India have been focused on growing their market share in the large appliances category. Recently Flipkart lost exclusive partnership with BPL to Amazon.

“The Flipkart platform has worked very well for us in terms of achieving the 200% y-o-y growth. Buyers are now willing to spend up to Rs 1 lakh buying 65 inch to 70 inch sets online. The current sale was as good as the Big Billion Days, ” said Devita Saraf, CEO of VU TV.
The company which started retailing TV sets in 2006 has an annual turnover of Rs 500 crore for 2016-17 and is targeting revenues of Rs 850-900 crore for FY 2017-18, added Saraf.

VU TV commands a significant market share in television category on the Flipkart platform and offline, next only to Sony, Samsung and LG.

“The share of VU grew to 40% of the total marketshare in the TV category for Flipkart. Also the number of models in UHD and Smart TV with VU has consistently grown keeping in mind the consumer demand,” Sandeep Karwa, senior director and head of large appliances at Flipkart.

Source : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/cons-products/electronics/vu-tv-increases-market-share-with-big-10-sale/articleshow/58722262.cms

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It all started with my quest to upgrade from my decade old Sony Projection TV with a shiny new 4K TV. As you might be aware that the projection TV’s were the thing back in the days. Watching a movie on a Projection TV was nothing short of a cinema experience thanks to its huge screen size and cinematic sound experience. But with time, technology has evolved manifolds and even the best of Projection TV’s can’t match the HD broadcasting or Blu-Ray resolution.

When the Projection TV’s prevailed there was no such resolution available, hence they are not equipped to display it. Citing all these problems, my dad asked me to find a replacement for our living room Projection TV and I convinced him to go for a 4K tv instead of a Full HD LED TV.

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Vu Televisions has just rolled out two good arguments against why you’d want to buy an LG, Sony or Samsung UHD TV, in the form of 55-inch and 50-inch ultra offerings of its own. These 4K resolution Vu TVs are priced at Rs 89900 and Rs 119000, respectively..

The Samsung 48HU8500 48-inch 4K 3D LED Smart TV is priced at Rs 159900, while LG and Sony also have 49-inch 3840 x 2160p resolution models at Rs 164900 and Rs 174900, correspondingly. It’s an identical tale of a low price versus high price regarding the 55-inch Vu 40K160 and its market rivals in India.

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Mumbai-based businessman Bhagwati Podar was looking for a 40-inch LED display for his showroom within Rs. 30,000. But his offline research failed to turn up a desired price match. No stranger to online buying, Bhagwati turned to the Internet, where he not only found a 40-inch LED TV well within his budget but one with a 3-year warranty. In this video, he shares his buying experience and reviews the Vu 40-inch LED that he finally settled on.

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Vu Televisions, a California-based company, has launched its Vu 50K310 and Vu 55XT780 LED TVs with 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixel) resolution exclusively via Snapdeal, an e-commerce website. Notably, the Vu 50K310 (Seen Above) and the Vu 55XT780 (Seen Below) models feature 50-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, respectively. The Vu 50K310 is priced at Rs. 89,900, while the 55-inch Vu 55XT780 version comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,19,000. The firm claims that both the TVs are “nearly half the price of similar products from the competition.”

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Vu Televisions has launch its 50-inch and 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs exclusively on Snapdeal. The 50-inch TV costs Rs. 89,900 while the 55-inch version is priced at Rs. 1,19,000. Vu will also sell the newly launched TVs through their channel partners.

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NEW DELHI: Vu Televisions has launched two Ultra HD (4K) TV models – 50- and 55-inch at Rs 89,900 and Rs 1,19,000, respectively. The TVs will be exclusively available on online marketplace Snapdeal. Vu claims that its TVs feature the world’s first quad-core graphics engine that can upscale basic set-top box content to more detailed and sharper images. The TVs have a 120Hz panel refresh rate, 6ms response time, 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, 3D support, DLNA connectivity, and smart TV functionality. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

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Vu is proud to be the first and only company in the World to come up with a Designer TV, the Vu Tarun Tahiliani Couture TV. These limited edition television sets are designed with latticework in dull Swarovski elements making them subtle yet conventional.

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