The Vu Masterpiece TV
4K QLED - Quantum Dot TechnologyThe Vu Masterpiece TV features the industry-leading quantum dot technology (QLED), which allows for superlative contrast ratios and inky blacks. This is further made possible by full array local dimming – discrete zones of the screen can be dimmed independently of each other – and a daylight-proof brightness level of 1,000 nits.
Soundbar with 6 SpeakersThe 50-watt integrated soundbar at the base of the screen has been expertly engineered to provide an immersive experience. The speakers include two sets of woofers and tweeters for deep bass and crystal-clear highs. Surround sound courtesy DTS Virtual X processing is another trick up this television’s sleeve. You can choose from a variety of preset options to shape the tone of the soundstage.
120Hz Refresh RateAnother technical flourish of the Masterpiece, a TV that makes absolutely no compromises in any area, is its ability to display content at 120Hz. This ensures buttery smooth lifelike visuals, which will make all the difference when gaming at 120fps on your console or PC. You can even upconvert regular content like films and TV series – that typically viewed at 30 and 60Hz respectively – to an ultrasmooth 240Hz thanks to Vu’s Motion Rate feature.
Powered by Official Android OS, get access to the entire Google ecosystem Play store, Google Movies & TV, Google Music, Google Games and much more. Additionally with built-in Chrome cast, you can share your content from your mobile to TV.Android
Armani Gold AestheticsWe call it Armani Gold, as it exudes finesse and at the same time evokes, both, the grace of rose gold and the buoyancy of champagne. View the Vu Masterpiece TV from any angle and you will find a great emphasis on stylised textures that offer a remarkable tactile experience. The sides similarly sport a diamond-cut finish, and the base features a metal mesh grill that discreetly houses a powerful soundbar. It has been crafted with zero compromises and is a testament of flawless workmanship. We have innovatively used metal alloy, precision glass, CNC manufacturing and robotic assembly to create a striking bezel-less screen. The sides similarly sport a diamond-cut finish.
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