Vu Cinema TV - Action Series
Triple Image TechnologyAdopt new image processor supporting Dolby Vision, HDR and HLG video triple decoding, This technology dramatically enhances colour details, depth, sharpness and the black and white level by maximising the contrast and colour accuracy to bring out true colours and enhanced levels of clarity during your viewing experience, even in the darkest areas. Vu Cinema with enhanced wide viewing angle technique protect the picture quality through different viewing angles. Enjoy picture from any place on the couch.
100W Cinematic SoundbarThe integrated soundbar is designed for a thrilling cinematic experience Total power output is a whopping 100 watts – this is possible thanks to 6 speakers custom-tuned to deliver a wide soundstage. The system also sports noise cancellation technology that boosts vocals for better audio clarity.
Gaming TVThis is the first Vu television to offer enhanced MEMC (motion estimation, motion compensation), that promises visuals completely free from motion blur and judder. Vu developed specialised hardware to make this achievable for gaming lovers. The low reflection Matte Glass Screen reduces distracting reflections from sunlight and other source of glare on your screen. The screen 98% of incoming light and only reflect 2% back.
Private CinemaRuns on Official Android. Preloaded with NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and YouTube. Including all kinds of Movies, Web Series, Sports, Varity of Shows, Catchup TV etc. AI Booster - Applies AI algorithm to remove image noise, making more pure and delicate images. AI self adaption, smart recognition of complexion adjustment, making good looking characters.,Android
Futuristic DesignTo match its ‘Action Series’ moniker, the new Vu Cinema TV comes in a new space-age attire. Titanium Grey accents, a bezel-less frame and a fabric finish replace the black and gold aesthetics of its predecessor. Just like a stealth fighter, its looks are understated while packing in heavy arsenal for a riveting experience.
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