Vu Premium 4K TV
Bright as DaylightA next-gen high-performance special optical film controls the amount of light entered through the backlight LEDs, increasing the viewing angle through its wide reflection. With the light reflection enhanced by 40% and the overall brightness improved with accurate white balance, you get to avail the best viewing experience even in the daylight. Along with Dolby Vision, HDR10 & HLG technology ,Vu Premium TV also comes with panoramic wide viewing angle technique protect the picture quality through different viewing angles. Enjoy picture from any place on the couch.
In-built Sound SystemProviding Large size box speakers solution adopting large drivers producing amazing bass and treble, putting you in immersive and surrounding environment. Every sound, vocal and bass is clear and amplified in this Vu TV. It also comes with DTS Virtual X Surround sound technology.
Better for the environmentLong hours and energy saving in Vu Premium TV uses micro prism array and LED, which not only help to enhance the brightness but also reduces overall power consumption. This ultimately help to reduces the energy consumption and increase the operating hours of TV more than 50,000hrs. The low reflection Anti Glare Screen reduces distracting reflections from sunlight and other source of glare on your screen. The screen 98% of incoming light and only reflect 2% back.
Running on Official Android OS, Vu Premium TV comes with Google official Android stock OS and preloaded NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and YouTube. Including all kinds of Movies, Web Series, Sports, Varity of Shows, Catchup TV etc. It also applies AI algorithm to remove image noise, making more pure and delicate images. AI self adaption, smart recognition of complexion adjustment, making good looking characters.Android
Modern AestheticsVu Premium TV applies charcoal grey on front frame and stand which meets high-end taste and quality. With incredibly bezel less body, it looks like an art possession.
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